Meet the 2019 Code for Canada Fellows!

Get to know 12 new fellows, and discover how they’ll be lending their tech and design skills to government.

Luke Simcoe
May 7 · 7 min read

The Public Health Agency of Canada

Fellows at the Public Health Agency of Canada will help modernize the department’s granting process, creating a better experience for users and enabling PHAC’s partners to focus on improving health outcomes in their communities rather than filling out forms.

Glennys Egan — Product Manager

Rosemarie Gresham — UX Designer

Adam Simonini — Developer

The National Energy Board of Canada

Fellows at the National Energy Board will help make data about important energy projects more accessible for Canadians, so that scientists, landowners and Indigenous communities can fully participate in our energy dialogue.

Lequanne Collins-Bacchus — Product Manager

Roan Reimer — UX Designer

Ivan Duka — Developer

Toronto Shelter Support & Housing Administration

Fellows at Toronto’s Shelter Support and Housing Administration will design digital solutions that help City staff find stable, permanent housing for residents experiencing homelessness.

Ayisha Memon— Product Manager

Sabrina Dominguez — UX Designer

Russell Hoy — Developer

Public Services & Procurement Canada

Fellows at Public Services and Procurement Canada will help reimagine the government travel experience, so public servants can spend less time booking and expensing travel and more time helping residents.

Maddy Ewins — Product Manager

Andrea Hill — UX Designer

Mike Jenkins — Developer

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