Meet the 2020 Code for Canada Fellows!

Get to know the first fellows of the new decade, and learn what inspired them to collaborate with government.

Nicole Edwards
Dec 13, 2019 · 7 min read
A collage of portraits of the 12 new Code for Canada fellows
A collage of portraits of the 12 new Code for Canada fellows

It’s time for another cohort of tech and design professionals to don their Code for Canada track jackets and make an impact in the public service!

Jasper, Noor, Ramis, Alexandre, Keith, Kay, David, Jared, Jude, Zola, Seyi and Rola are the first Code for Canada fellows of 2020. Just like previous cohorts, they hail from diverse backgrounds; they’re spirited entrepreneurs and community advocates, each with a track record of driving change in the organizations they inhabit.

Over the next 10 months, they’ll work shoulder to shoulder with their government partners to deliver digital services that meet residents’ raised expectations.

You can follow their journey on our blog, in our newsletter, and on Twitter.

Measurement Canada

Fellows at Measurement Canada will design digital tools that enable inspectors to efficiently and collaboratively assess devices like self-serve checkouts and gasoline pumps. Their work will build digital capacity, and help maintain trust and fairness in the Canadian marketplace.

Jasper Chan — Product Manager (he/him)

Jasper has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of public safety agencies in both Canada and the U.S. He specializes in providing strategies that help clients build an effective digital presence.

As someone who has worked internationally and at all three levels of government, Jasper is motivated by projects that will have a far-reaching impact. He is excited to be partnered with Measurement Canada, and looks forward to building digital tools that Canadians can trust.

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Ramis Khawaja — UX Designer (he/him)

Ramis is the co-founder and design lead at HungryBelly, and has experience working with agencies, startups, and enterprise companies. He specializes in working with stakeholders and product teams to create thoughtful interfaces, whether digital or otherwise.

His personal goal is to design artifacts that make the user’s life easier, and hopefully, more joyful!

Ramis is excited for the opportunity to help the public sector flourish by combining agile methodologies and design thinking to create innovative products and services.

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Noor Syed — Developer (he/him)

Noor is a software developer with a flair for innovating traditional workflows. He helps clients demystify the benefits of data driven decision making, and believes empathy is an essential part of creating products users find valuable.

Noor is a contributor to the Sadaat Aid Foundation, working to remove financial obstacles for students and break the cycle of poverty.

He believes greater the digital outreach from government will increase the number of engaged Canadians, helping to elevate voices that are not typically heard.

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Transport Canada - Marine Safety

Fellows with Transport Canada’s Marine Safety Unit will help the Ministry ensure workers on our waterways are properly trained and certified. They’ll help transform the in-person, pen and paper certification process into a simple and secure digital experience for both seafarers and staff.

Keith Colbourne — Product Manager (he/him)

Keith is a software developer and product manager with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he has been helping build products to combat cyber crime and fraud. He previously worked at the Department of National Defence, and has a wealth of experience building capacity within Government of Canada departments.

As a Newfoundlander, Keith is especially excited to be working on a marine product during his fellowship.

When he’s not building great digital products, Keith is a regular volunteer at the Ottawa Little Theatre, as well as the Parkdale Food Centre.

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Kay Nadalin — UX Designer (she/her)

Kay is a social impact professional driven by a desire to learn from the best and give back. Over the past decade, she has shared her skills in human-centred design, facilitation, program management, and communications with an array of clients in non-profit, municipal government, corporate, and education sectors.

Her previous clients include Unicef and Capacity Canada.

Kay was previously a StartingBloc leadership fellow, and currently sits on the program’s advisory team. As a Code for Canada fellow, she’s excited for the chance to support meaningful change at a national scale through the power of design.

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Alexandre Sanscartier — Developer (he/him)

Alexandre is a web developer and agile coach with a passion for automating manual processes. He believes automation improves the way teams work by freeing up their time and energy to focus on what’s important.

Alexandre is most excited about helping Transport Canada make the most of their decision to embrace agile practices. He’s a strong believer in technology and design for the common good, and looks forward to doing his part to positively impact Canadians.

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Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Fellows at the Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will support provincial growers by making data about pests and crop threats more integrated, accessible and actionable. Their work will help farmers protect their crops, their businesses and the environment.

Seyi Taylor — Product Manager (he/him)

Seyi is a product lead and has been the co-founder of several media and tech startups. He is the creator of Ebola Facts, a project to inform Nigerians about ebola, and has worked with Planned Parenthood in Burkina Faso to educate youth about sexual health using tech and digital media.

He’s excited to use his design and product development skills to bring smarter digital services to Canadians.

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Rola Kuidir — UX Designer (she/her)

Rola is UX designer who previously worked with Postmedia in an agile environment. She collaborated with product managers, developers, and user researchers to pinpoint technical limitations and UX best practices.

She’s excited to use her skills to give back to the Canadian community, and looks forward to creating accessible, human-centred designs to help farmers and safeguard the environment.

As a volunteer, Rola has helped refugees and newcomers to Toronto transition into the community. She is also a mentor with Canada Learning Code, where she helps students gain new skills in HTML and CSS.

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Zola McAdie — Developer (he/him)

Zola McAdie is a developer who is passionate about problem-solving. He has worked as web development mentor at Lighthouse Labs, where he focused on ensuring more roles in the tech sector are accessible to Canadians.

He also uses his technical experience as part of, a local non-profit that seeks to empower Toronto residents to find community by connecting them to local resident associations.

Zola is excited to use data, which he considers one of our greatest resources, to create positive change for Canadians.

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Transport Canada — Surface Security & Emergency Preparedness

Fellows at Transport Canada’s Intermodal Surface Security & Emergency Preparedness Unit will help adapt and improve the security clearance process for employees at our ports and airports. They’ll create a better experience for workers, reduce costly delays, and support the security of our national transportation network.

Jared Chadwick — Product Manager (he/him)

Jared specializes in delivering complex digital initiatives. He has worked as a business analyst with the governments of Ontario and Canada. He’s also worked as a product manager in the private sector at Kiwi AI.

For Jared, the Code for Canada fellowship is proof of a cultural and problem-solving shift happening within the public service. His goal is to empower people to think differently about how government policies and services can be delivered.

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Jude Park — UX Designer (he/him)

Jude is the founder of Loo, an app that helps people find the most accessible and sanitary public toilets in their city. As a designer, he has worked with innovation labs and entrepreneurial fellowships across Canada.

For Jude, this fellowship is a rare opportunity to make a positive impact from inside government. He hopes to continue to advocate for the power of design and how it can improve Canadian public service.

Follow Jude on LinkedIn, or learn more on his website

David Ranger — Developer (he/him)

An accomplished freelance developer, David is adept at quickly grasping client needs and work flows, and delivering solutions. He’s also accustomed to learning new technical tools on the fly, and has a broad array of development knowledge to draw from.

David believes Transport Canada plays a crucial role in the safety of the country, as well as all the travellers who pass through Canadian ports. He looks forward to streamlining work processes to continue that high level of service.

The Code for Canada fellowship embeds technology professionals into government, where they work alongside public servants to build great digital services.

To learn more about becoming a fellow, or hosting a team of fellows in your department, visit

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