Our Lighthouse

Isn’t it absolutely amazing and terrifying just how fast time flies?! Only a couple of weeks ago, on January 17th, Code for Charlotte turned 3 years old! Then 3 days later, we watched as our nation went through another transition of power. Regardless of politics, it is incredible that as a nation we choose to celebrate a 228-year old tradition. This is important to focus on, because while people and trends come and go, there are certain things that have the ability to last, like traditions and values.

It’s values that lead to hundreds of thousands of Americans to come together in 2016, to improve their communities, become advocates for what they believe in, and work towards positive solutions that strengthen our nation. A new year and new president hasn’t changed this fact, and we are ready at CFC to roll up our sleeves and continue this work within guidelines we have recently established.

We recognized the need last year to identify values that would help guide Code for Charlotte into 2017 and beyond. So, we asked the lifeblood of our organization, our volunteers, to identify values that define civic hacking during our first Community Night back in November. We received some great responses and identified the following terms as to how CFC collectively defines civic hacking:

These values act as our lighthouse and will be at the forefront of every project we work on this year. Some of our goals include:

  1. More established and transparent infrastructure within Code for Charlotte
  2. Elevate more volunteers into leadership roles
  3. Host more community-focused events throughout Charlotte

As we continue our work in 2017, our organization knows the value of civic engagement and how civic hacking can help contribute to a more inclusive and just society. The work we do and involvement from active community members is vital to our democracy. It has always been and it will always mean hard work, but with dedication and resolve it will always contribute to a better tomorrow.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can get involved today! http://www.codeforcharlotte.org/