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New Year, Same Exciting Work!

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Hello civic tech friends,

Check out our recap of January, including project updates.

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✏️ Code for San Jose Updates

🍁 Leadership Changes

We welcome to the team: Alexsandra: Project Lead

Open leadership positions: Assistant Director of Backend Engineering, Executive Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Grant Writer, and more are available.

Interested? Reach out to Annie on our Slack workspace.

🎉 Code for San José Project Highlights

  • OpenStreetMap completed 44% of Phase 2 and 16% of the point of interest tasks.
  • Project Open Disclosure built the independent expenditures page.
  • Project Heart of the Valley completed two backend APIs.

All active projects are looking for volunteers, check out the opportunities below. For more information and project updates, view our project listing data.


Job Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Project City Agenda Scraper is building a scraper that automatically reviews public meeting information agendas to provide exciting and relevant information to community members.
    Open Roles: Project Manager and Product Manager
  • Project Police Data Trust provides information about police misconduct through a searchable web application.
    Open Roles: User Experience Researcher and Project Manager
  • Project Happening at the Moment is building a website that helps San Jose residents browse City Council Agendas, subscribe to specific Agenda Items, and receive notifications for when their Agenda Items are discussed.
    Open Roles: Software Project Manager, Project Manager, Backend Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer
  • Project Keplair is a web-based tool that recommends educational experiences to help people create their learning journey using KEPLAIR, an AI program.
    Open Roles: Project Team Leader and Project Manager

Check out more opportunities by joining our Slack workspace.

🌏 Events

Check out our upcoming events:

🐰 That’s all, folks!

If you’re hungry for more, here’s how you can find out what Code for San José is working on and get involved:

Join us for our next meetup on Jan 27.

To get in touch with us, email us at, or find us on Slack.

Lastly, if someone from your organization is not getting these updates, but should be, send them this link to subscribe to our newsletter.

Until next month, take care, and let’s keep up the good work!


Code for San José Newsletter Producer

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We are a Code for America volunteer brigade that works to make government and community services for San José & South Bay more equitable, accessible & transparent. Volunteer with us!

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