Welcome to the Programming Puzzles and Code Golf blog!

Hello! We here are a community of folks who come from codegolf.se

Programming Puzzles & Code Golf?

Programming Puzzles & Golf Stack Exchange is a challenge site for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers.

It’s a site for people who enjoy messing around with code, and having a bit of structure to the chaos.

Programming Puzzles and Code Golf (PPCG) specifically focuses on solving puzzles with code, and making that code as small as possible. That means being creative, and coming up with solutions to problems that are inventive and new.

So why are we here?

This is our blog. We had an old blog, but it didn’t really work out. Here’s to a second try.

We’ll be writing about a whole variety of topics. All related to code golfing of course, but also possibly a smattering of other related topics.

So how do I contribute?

This blog is open to anyone! Yes, even you. So if you’d like to contribute, contact us in our home at The Nineteenth Byte with your Medium username and we’ll add you as an author!

Sit back and enjoy — code golfing is a complex sport, and this blog has some good stuff coming.

(oh, and if you haven’t already, come visit us!)