Calendar on dashboard

Last month, I was working on a fun project with my friend and we had to display a calendar on the dashboard of the application. It is basically a Events management application built in Django completely.

We were searching everywhere for that calendar. We were even planning to design one ourselves, which would add up time to finish.

But to our surprise, we found, — A JavaScript event calendar. Customizable and open source. This came to our rescue.

It has so many functionalities which is jQuery based calendar. We didn’t need so many. We just wanted to display the events that are scheduled for that month in the calendar.

When we don’t know what to do or how to make the calendar work, we generally have a look at documentation. If we still don’t understand, we look at an example. I started with example. A basic one where events were written as an array.

The problem solved! I just had to generate title, start date and end date of the events to make it work. I wrote this in the template of the homepage, as I was working with Django.

Now, there is another problem to solve. The calendar is actually dumb, meaning, it isn’t responding to clicks. Its perfect with the way it shows up the events. But nothing is happening when we click on it. What if it goes to the event description page if an event is clicked. Beautiful.

After a little research, I found out that I had to add another element in the events array, to make to work for clicks. Done!

The final version looks like this…

Finally, we could code and make a calendar show up in the dashboard of the application. It is temporarily hosted here. You can have a look. But cannot guarantee that the link will work for long.

That’s what I wanted to say!

Keep on hacking.

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