My take on WebFlow

“Another drag and drop tool for HTML? F*ck No. I am better off with my HTML skills.”, was what I thought when I first encountered Webflow. I saw it first on Ran Segall’s YouTube channel, Flux. He used webflow for all of his projects. I used to think, he is a designer anyway, what does he have to with the code quality. All this happened before trying out webflow.

A few days later, he did a collaboration with Travis Neilson, another person in YouTube whom I look up to, on web flow.

This got me a little excited. Wait. First let me go to web flow and have a look at it first.

The interface was pretty cool and was easy to use. I wanted to build something and know what the experience is like. I started rebuilding landing page for HackLetter. It took me half an hour to build. Ha? Half an hour? Yes. I could rebuild it in 30 minutes which actually took me more that 3 hours to do it by writing HTML and CSS. This is the output.

Now I realised, webflow is like adding wings to your development. We can concentrate on the main parts/modules of the project more if we use web flow for the HTML and CSS stuff. It also has offerings like CMS, hosting and animations which would be cool to check out.

We have an option to extract the source code for the pages that we build and the code generated has great quality.

So, thats what I feel about webflow and I will be using it my projects from now on.

Keep on hacking!

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