Talk to the duck

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Hey Buddy, how are you doing today? Hope you had a great week.
By the way, do you know about the rubber duck technique? If you are a programmer, you should probably do. Even if you are not, you should. Anyways, I’m going to tell you about it.
Let me start off by saying where it came from and how it’s used. After that, how can it be applied in your life or my life.
Rubber duck technique is a popular debugging technique used by many of the developers. When they are stuck somewhere, they talk to their duck explaining each line of code, reading it aloud. In this process, they generally figure out where the mistake was. Most of the times, the error will be rectified. If not, then they ask for help. This is a technique to analyse the code themselves before they ask someone for help.
Did you feel like something similar happened to you? I mean, while telling your friend about your problem, you could figure out what caused it or how to solve it. We can apply the rubber duck technique in our lives to find a solution before we consult someone or tell someone the trouble we’re facing.
Some people already do. Talk to a duck or a teddy or your dog clearly stating what is the thing you are facing in your life. Not only solving problems, but it can also help in taking decisions.
The same happens with writing. When you face trouble or its hard to decide, just write. Write down every thought that comes to your mind. Over time, this has helped me a lot in deciding on things.
If you are a programmer, there is no reason not using this technique when you’re stuck in coding. The same applies even if you don’t code.
Have a great week ahead.
Until next Sunday,
Aravind Balla