Not another Interviews’ article

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Oh no! I imagine you opening this article with your eyes half closed fearing that it’s just another article with loads of weird questions like “What does this API from 1990 that no one uses obviously do? A monkey jump of course! Didn’t you know you dumb***?”.

Well, I think you won’t find this here, or at least I hope not!

So… why? A couple of years ago I started interviewing a lot of people for Android positions. As my company at the time didn’t have any procedure, guidebook, good practices or anyone tutoring, the first ones I did were kind of a walk in the desert where I was trying to search f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ be a good interviewer.

So from the start I wondered what’s really a good interview and what could I do to improve as an interviewer. I started by going back to my experiences as interviewee and started to put all of (what I believe are) the good parts on “a guide” that I used myself. Soon it started to be used by others internally.

As time passed by, it grew. Although always being a work in progress I thought “why not share this more openly?”

That’s how I arrived here. I hope it’s useful for those interviewing and those being interviewed. If not, at least I hope to have some good feedback to improve it!

Well.. this sound really like all other articles about interviews… except it’s made to focus not only on tech but also on culture and attitude, from both, the side of the interviewer and the interviewee.

It’s a bit big so I will divide it in 4 chapters:


0. Applying — The CV (how to improve your chances to get an interview)


  1. Think it through (probably the most interesting part of it)
  2. The Questions (Kotlin, Java, Android and a little RxJava 2)
  3. Aftermath (don’t skip this part!)



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