2017 Developer Conference Guide

The conferences we’re most excited about in 2017.

O’Reilly Fluent

O’Reilly’s Fluent conference is one of the largest meet-ups of web professionals in the world, with thousands of front-end developers, designers, and UX/UI specialists congregating to discuss the latest in web technologies and the future of creating for the web.

2017’s Fluent event will be in San Jose, CA. While Fluent had expanded its reach with additional European events, they’ve recently postponed the 2017 European edition. As an alternative, you can check out the O’Reilly Design Conference that focuses on similar UX and front-end topics.

Info: San Jose, CA (June 19–22, 2017)


The official AngularJS conference, ng-conf is entering into its fourth year in 2017. Organized by Google partners and advocates, ng-conf is the best place to find out where the Angular framework is headed, tips on integrating the framework into your production flow, and to hear from the Angular and JavaScript community’s finest speakers.

Tickets for the conference can be hard to find if you wait too long to register, as ng-conf is one of the most popular JavaScript conferences in the world.

Info: Salt Lake City, UT (April 5–7, 2017)


ng-conf now sponsors a spin-off event called ng-cruise that sails to the Bahamas in May. Featuring many core-team members and Google Developer Experts, as well as external speakers, ng-cruise promises to be just as exciting as its land-locked sister.

Info: Miami, FL to the Bahamas (May 29–June 2, 2017)


SmashingConf is a little more focused on UX and the design side of front-end development, but is still packed with valuable insights and practical takeaways over the course of two days for all skill levels of front-end development. Like many other front-end conferences, SmashingConf has grown to two annual events with North American and European editions happening about six months apart. 2017 already has a San Francisco, CA, event on the books in April, with its European counterpart likely to be announced soon.

If you need help convincing your company to pay for you to attend, SmashingConf has a downloadable PDF listing the event’s benefits.

Info: San Francisco, CA (April 4–5, 2017)


OSCON is one of the grandaddies of developer conferences. Open Source Conference (OSCON) is celebrating its 18th year in 2017. With a North American and European edition each year, OSCON is in both Austin, TX, and Amsterdam in 2017. Thousands of open source developers converge to share their thoughts on the future of open source development, business strategies, leadership, and much more.

The who’s who of the development community is always in attendance or sharing their knowledge on stage. Hosted by O’Reilly, OSCON is not one to miss.

Info: Austin, TX (May 8–11, 2017)

Front-end Design Conf

The brain-child of one of Code School’s own front-end developers, Dan Denney, Front-end Design Conf happens in St. Petersburg, FL, every spring. Speakers are often among the front-end development community’s elite, including Chris Coyier, Aaron Draplin of Field Notes, and Andi Graham. The two-day conference is a series of talks and workshops on a single track.

Info: St. Petersburg, FL (April 19–21, 2017)

Google I/O

Even larger than Google’s ng-conf, with about 5,000 attendees every year, Google I/O is a Google-exclusive event centered around all things Google development: Chrome, Android, Chrome OS, and more. Featuring keynotes from Google’s product leads, Google I/O should be up there on your 2017 list of potential conferences. See the future of technologies at Google and learn how you can start building for their products.

Info: California (May 2017)


React has seen steady growth since its launch back in 2014, likely in no small part because of their React.js Conf. Building on its success, and because there’s not currently a React.js Conf schedule for 2017, ReactEurope took the reins to be the leading React conference.

The four-day conference is a series of talks on the future of the React library and short and long-form workshops on how to make the most out of the technology.

Info: Paris, France (May 16–19, 2017)


If you’ve attended a conference in the last year or two, or been involved in the development community, you’ve likely seen interest rise in Docker. DockerCon, hosted by the Docker team, hopes to take a deep dive into the Docker ecosystem and look to the future of the technology.

2017 DockerCon will be in Austin, TX, right before OSCON this spring, highlighting Austin’s thriving technology scene. Expect nearly 5,000 attendees.

Info: Austin, TX (April 17–20, 2017)

What conferences are you interested in attending in 2017? Let us know below!