10 facts about us

What is important in life

There are beliefs about people that allow us to explain why people behave that way or another. Those beliefs can even help us explain why we are like we are.

People always make the best choices. The truth is that we always make the best choices based on our knowledge and experience. If someone makes a decision we consider “stupid” (in our opinion) it’s because we have different (not always better) information, and we are in different context than she is. If you try to understand her decision you need to look for sources of her beliefs and knowledge which she has. You can always teach her if you think that you know it better.

People always have good intentions. The truth is that people almost always have good intentions in everything what they do. Probability that we met someone who is really evil is very low. Even then such behavior could be justified if we look closer and consider why this person behaves like that. The problem is that we live in fear that we are surrounded by bad people, so we are creating our own reality where everyone is evil.

People always work the best they can. I know it’s hard to believe but most of the time everyone is trying the best they can. Our effectiveness depends on our knowledge, skills, motivation, environment in which we exist. Good news is that we can do something with everything of that.

Change is inevitable. Change is the only unchangeable thing. The world is changing all the time, people are changing. Thirty years ago there was no Internet and today you can read this article. Change is inevitable so you can not pretend it. You have to change and learn all the time.

We are work in progress all the time. Yes, we can change and we are changing all the time. Every time when we met someone in our life we are learning from him. Even if we just go through the street and pass some people our mind is thinking and learning about them. This is why we always can improve ourselves. We also can help others to improve.

We always get what we ask for. People tend to do exactly what we are asking them to do and nothing more. But if you consider that they are always making the best decisions only what you have to do instead of telling people what to do is tell them what you want to achieve and why. They will find the best way to help you in that using their creativity and their own unique experience.

Everything what happens has some meaning. No, I am not saying that everything has been planned before. Everything has a meaning because everyday is a lesson. We are sum of our experience and relations with others.

Everyone is a teacher. We are sum of our experience but also experiences of people who we met in during our life. Being a teacher is a great responsibility, so please remember that everything what you do has some effects in others.

There are no mistakes. If we always make the best decisions which we can, there is no place for mistakes. Even if we look back later and find out that we could do better, right now we can do anything with that. That just becomes our very valuable lesson.

And last but not least everyone is an expert in his own life. Even if I am the most experienced person in the world (in my opinion) it does not mean that I can judge the others. I can always share my experience with you but it is your decision how you use it, cause you are an expert in your own life. I can give you examples and speak about general truth and believes (like in this article) but that is you, who need to make all decision in your life and take full responsibility for them, because only you know what is most important in your life.

How you will use this article depends on you…