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Why I write and you should too!

January 14th, 2018, I still remember. I just finished writing my first blog “A practical road-map for web development”, my hands shaking with uncertainty and many thoughts crossing my mind before hitting the publish button. No one in my contacts was a blogger and I had no knowledge on how to write good quality blogs. But then suddenly, I came across this wonderful quote

Amazing right? I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this quote randomly, but this quote gave me enough motivation to hit the publish button. And the next morning (as soon as I woke up), I saw this email in my inbox

Yes, I know publishing an article into some publication isn’t a big deal for experienced bloggers, but for a person who just published his first blog a day before (or rather, a night before), getting a message like this was a dream come true, it meant a lot!

This mail boosted up my motivation to a new level, and I began writing. But you might be wondering why I write, why I wrote that first article, and why an article to provide a roadmap for learning web development. This is generally what people keep asking me, Why didn’t you go for some generic stuff like the other beginner bloggers? Everyone knows that when you write a tech blog for the first time, it’s a huge deal. You have to research a lot, you yourself must be good (if not an expert) in the field you are writing about, and your content must be good and delivered in a manner that the audience would love to read even the most boring stuff.

Well, the reason I started with tech blogs is pretty simple, I love technology, programming, and development much more than English literature 🙈 and moving on to the reason for the topic of my first blog — I am a self taught web developer who took a little guidance only from one or two people, I explored everything due to which many times I ended up making mistakes, many times I ended up wasting my time. Okay, I’ll tell you a very funny incident that happened with me, in my “noob web dev days” just when I was reading about the syntax and working of JavaScript, I kept on hearing too many things about AngularJS. My seniors kept on talking about it, so yeah, I was quite fascinated! I was just learning DOM manipulation and I kept that aside and started reading about AngularJS. Amazing isn’t it? 😂 (for non-tech people, I can say that AngularJS is some advanced stuff and if you don’t know JS, how can you understand AngularJS) I spent so many days trying to understand it, watched YouTube videos, read books, blogs and tutorial articles but none of them seemed to make me understand shit. This seems very funny to listen when it happens with someone else, but when things like these happen to you, it’s easier to get frustrated.

Just like me, many people make such silly mistakes, and when things don’t work out, people become frustrated, and they tend to give up. I’ve seen so many people giving up on web development due to it’s vastness. So I wanted to give people a proper roadmap to people which they can follow to become a good web developer and don’t end up wasting their time and quitting. As a developer, it is heartbreaking to see fellow developers give up! So it came into my mind to write my first blog to help beginner web developers.

In case you want to read it, here’s the link:

Now that I’ve told you about how cool it feels to write your first blog, before moving forward to why I started writing, I would like to clear one very important misconception which people have about bloggers.

Most of the people think that good bloggers are highly proficient in English (or whatever language they write blogs in), people have this misconception that good blogs are those in which high level words (not used in common conversation) and “very difficult to understand” language is used. This is exactly opposite of the ground reality! Good blogs are always easy to understand, and good bloggers are those who can convey their feelings in a way that most of the people can understand and relate to. This exact same thing kept me stopping from writing blogs for a long time, I kept on devaluing myself and my English based on the fact that I am not good at using such heavy words. If this is the reason which stops you from writing, then my friend, remove this thought from your mind right away and start writing because people who don’t use many “heavy words” are the people to which most of the audience can relate to and consider one of them. Keep this in mind —

When you write to express your feeling rather than to impress someone, more and more people start understanding you and your thoughts, and people love only what they can understand, not what they think is fancy.
Fancy things are at times scary 😛

So this was all about why I chose tech blogging instead of literature articles and why my first blog was regarding web development. Now I would like to share the top 5 reasons why I started writing blogs. There were many reasons and inspirations but I am sharing the 5 things which gave me enough motivation.

1. One can not always speak to share thoughts

By speaking, I don’t mean talking. Well yeah, you can always talk to your friends to share your feelings, but at times you feel like your voice should be heard by more people and that isn’t always possible, unless you are a celebrity or a pubic speaker and people follow you.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Many a times it happens that you want to express your thoughts, put out your feelings, share your experiences, teach others what you have been learning lately, but rarely you get chance to do so, rarely you get chance for public speaking (unless you are at some good position). The best thing you can do at that moment is to write down your thoughts, and the next step, publish them to social networking so that people can view and learn from them.

2. Sharing my experiences and learnings, teaching others.

As mentioned above, the reason I chose tech blogging and the topic for my first blog was to help other developers and share my experiences so that they don’t make the same mistakes which I made. Since I’am a web developer myself, I know what all problems a person face when he starts to code and all the problems faced by a newbie. I want to teach all beginners so that they don’t have to waste time among those problems which I faced.

3. Importance of English as a global language

English has become a key aspect in everyday life, and it is actually good idea to have one global language which you can speak to connect with everyone no matter in which part of the globe you are. It feels weird to tell, but yeah, one of the major reasons I started to write was to improve my English. Many people might judge me after reading this, but it doesn’t matter. Improving the ability to express yourself in good English phrases is a necessity these days and writing blogs helps you a lot to do that.
Now please don’t go on finding grammatical errors in my blogs, just read them,understand the feelings and try to connect with them 😁

4. Creating content with more speed

Writing blogs, and creating content for them is an art and you become more skilled in it with practice. Sometimes you have to generate content on the spot and if you are a blogger, it won’t be difficult for you. I understand that voice recordings, podcasts and video lectures/journals are trending today, but nothing compares writing. I personally believe that written content will always trump over video content.

5. Gain knowledge as you write

This is one of the most important thing that motivated me, as a person generate contents for his blogs, his channel (or even LinkedIn), it is obvious he has to do some research in the process, and by doing so, not only he increases the knowledge of his readers, but he increases his own knowledge as well and that is the most amazing part about creating content. Also, it is very easy to read about things, but people do tend to forget what they read about, but when you write about something, and you know your content should be good since people are going to read it, you will put efforts and those efforts will make you remember the facts for a longer period of time 🌟

So these were the top 5 reasons I started blogging. Furthermore, medium is a great platform if you want to begin with. Just write something you wanted to share with the world in your own words and publish it and don’t forget to send me the link to published articles if you think I inspired you, I would be more than happy to read your stories ✨

That’s It

With this blog, I hope you gained some insights about the importance of writing and some courage to publish your first blog.

Hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you want to discuss something :D
I would be more than happy if you send your feedbacks, suggestions or ask queries. Just drop me a mail.

Thanks a lot for reading till end. All the best and Happy Thinking!
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