Minimal setup of this project. Code can be downloaded from my repo.

Interact With the Web in Real-time Using Arduino, Firebase and Angular.js

What we are building

$ git clone
$ cd pot && npm install

Connecting the circuit

Image made with Fritzing

Signing up with Firebase

"colors" : {
"r" : 255,
"g" : 0,
"b" : 0
The Firebase “Forge” Dashboard displaying JSON data in tree format.

RGB Strip divided into 6 ranges
$ node pot.js


├── app.js
├── node_modules
| ├── express
| ├── firebase
| └──
├── package.json
└── public
├── index.html
└── index.js
$ cd app && npm install


What our web page will look like

$ node pot.js
$ node app.js

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