1st lab book

We learned some basics of programing, like def, loop, if, etc. Tried to draw a letter using the mindset of programing.




Learned to Git, which to my understand is a remote hard drive with the ability to duplicate the files to everyone in a working group so that people can then work with their files before bring them together. It’s like a group of people own a nice piece of cake, instead of everyone take a bite of the cake, people copy the cake by using “pull/fork” and do whatever they desire to the cake before “push” it back for other people to do the same. Poor cake.

The VM is cool, using terminal to play with Git is even cooler. Only time I freak out is when password is asked and when I type there is nothing appearing on the screen. But, it just confused my 4 days before I gained the courage and the brainpower to finally typed the correct password the 13th time it was asked. Good job me.

Overall, 10/10, would do week1 again.

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