CODE 1161-Damn stuff just got real…Holy Wars assignment


The community of hackers is a dangerous, fraught with nothing but senseless conflict and unflattering remarks. Holy wars if you will. So logically it’s the greatest idea to expose our fresh, innocent faces to the flames.


Text editors, who’d of guessed that would be such a divisive topic

Le me right now

Fundamentally its a simple topic, two leading approaches to editing text have arisen and neither like each other. The varying complexities appear in the fascinating and down right hilarious ways the two argue about this subject.

point 1, why they fight:
Because, mine is editor perfection and I feel extremely threatened by being even in that inferior thing’s proximity!

point 2, what is even a text editor:
They allow you to alter or produce functions made from plain text. No formatting (think creating code, software, HTML pages etc.)
ALSO ATOM IS A TEXT EDITOR, if you are in our course and are still unaware of what a text editor is please seek additional help…or

either one really

point 3, what is a VI/VIM:
Ubiquitous text editor, i.e. like how Microsoft is in every office so to is VI in its field

point 4, and EMACS:
Extensible, customisable, self-documenting, real-time display editor

this sums up the whole thing, one is open to a general audience, the other is niche and complex, and then there is just nano…

So yes yes, VI’s are used by surface level children and Emacs by pretentious super nerds, I get it, but which do I think is better, truly, either, depends if you’re a child or a nerd. But in reality we all know it’s ATOM (duh)

This however, is what is really driving me mad, to a novice like me LOOK AT THESE TWO, ITS ALL JUST TEXT TO ME:

Game Day

well damn, that could have gone better…