Code Week 5

历史← →未来

On the class, we witnessed the history of design tools, from simple and cheap pencils and drawing boards to complicated but powerful computers. Old stories are not so attractive as fairy tales. Nevertheless history is history. You may not like it or even accept it. But you cannot deny its real existence.

What is the point of learning the history? Perhaps some dead but great people can share their opinions. In China, an ancient proverb is well known:以史为鉴可以知兴替 — 唐太宗李世民 (History is mirror that reflects the vicissitude of life — Emperor Taizong of Tang). History tells people the reality or truth, not forecast or prediction, where we can learn some lessons. A similar sentence from Francis Bacon:Histories make men wise. He also said, knowledge is power. So in some way, I think, history is knowledge and knowledge is history.

Bret Victor gave a talk at the DBX conference called The Future of Programming. What he really talked about is the history of programming which reflects the vicissitude of programming. That’s rational. Because without histories, there is no future. To some extend, I have to say that future depends on history. Therefore, what we are doing now is not only making histories, but also creating the future. What’s more, it is very cruel that we cannot deny histories that other people made in the past and are forced to accept the future.

Time to make change. Do not follow the road sign they give us. Follow your intuitive and find a new road which leads to a brand new future.