Code Week 6

Docstring -> My Understanding <--> Expectation

I/O, refactoring and recursion were all covered in week 6. Basic concepts are very basic, while currently my sight is still too short to go deep. Docstrings are instructions, which actually confuses me more sometimes. My only interpreter, brain, has its own assets and also limits. Misunderstanding occurs now and then and is quite annoying. Therefore, I asked for external help. Google is full of knowledge and has no its own opinion. It did work out well. I could finish my exercise. However, passing the test is another thing.

From my own perspective, most of time it is not whether expectations are high but what are expectations that causes failure. My functions did work but were not what the test expects. On the one hand, I am directed by expectations towards the only destination. On the other hand, I am confined by them in a certain zone which I don’t think is comfortable either.

Some new stuff not presented in the lecture but in the exercise sparks both curiosity and confusion. Sometimes, I really cannot tolerate uncertainty, which casts anxiety on me. No doubt that spending time in looking into new stuff consumes time and hence slows down my progress.

Concerning about refactoring, the same trouble comes along — the contradiction between my understanding and your expectation. Maybe that is for the convenience of testing my code. In the meantime, it constrains my potential in some way. Making efforts on trying to guess expectations and reading test file seems like a reverse deduction method.

I dipped into some readings recommended by Ben about Artificial Intelligence. I believe that with intelligence comes power. Albert Einstein once said, “ Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” To some extent, computers have infinite memory or storage which is capable of containing all the knowledge but are still lack of thinking. Possibly from ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) to AGI (artificial general intelligence) then to ASI (artificial super intelligence), it is an accelerating process of thinking enhancement. Is it possible? This question concerns about not only technology but also ethics. More importantly, ethics should be put in the first place.

What is the best coding style? Similarly, what is the best love?