From Macintosh to Windows

Whoever thought the ever so gruesome mental challenges of the HSC would ever be useful?

Before the commencement of Uni, I was devastated at the fact that there was a recommendation of purchasing a Windows laptop to supplement my Bachelor’s Degree of Computational Design. This meant that I had to make an important decision regarding the first ever BIG investment of my life. From my experience of using a Macbook, I had complete confidence that my machine would be strong enough to handle any new unfamiliar programs.


Week 1 of Uni has ended and I had a rough ride. Throughout the week I was caught up with staring at the rainbow wheel of death when running programs like Rhino, Grasshopper and iPython. That’s when I decided that I’d need a serious upgrade to a high performance windows laptop.

So now I’m officially back to using Windows and I’m loving it. Although everything is up to date, I’m still buggered at the fact that I was unsuccessful in transferring my OVA mac file into windows. I will look to install VM into my Windows laptop very soon.

I’m very excited for CODE1161 and all the new information that will be embedded in my brain and the opportunities to play around with my new device.


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