Lab Book — Week 15

  1. Australian business names

new businesses: highest in 2012, by month: lowest in Dec

terminated business: highest in Jun, 2016

lifespan: most around 3–7 years

Average lifespan: highest start with “W”, lowest start with “Z”

2. higher education attrition

attrition rate: student who did not complete study vs. total

attrition rate increases over years

reason: stress in study and attractions out of school, emergency

non-english background: 15.25% in 2013, increasing

disabilities: 22.76 in 2013, increasing

torres strait islander: 29.26% in 2013, decreasing

lecture vs distance: distance >> lecture > multi

part-time (37%)> 2 * full-time (17%)

male and female: almost the same

over 25 >> less than 25

IT is declining

3. Ray’s Presentation (World University Ranking)

30% teaching, 30% researching

US has more higher ranked universities

teaching and research have high correlation

Questions: What are the interesting things you found? How long do you think Asian countries’ universities will become better than western universities?

4. Movies IMDB score and facebook popularity, profit and the number of genres

number of movies: very high in 2000–2013, big drop from 2013–2015

about 70–80% of the movies were produced in USA

high IMDB score movies are more popular on facebook

high IMDB score movies receive high profits

5. NSW Criminal Offences between 1995–2012

Sydney is highest (population?)

Sydney crime increase from 4000 to 5000 from 1995 to 2012

6. Popularity of Websites

This is a very brilliant and beautiful job. I strongly reckon everyone to explore it.

Google in China: 10

Australia top one website: Youtube

7. Overseas Arrivals And Departures

Rise in holiday periods

weekly from 2006 to 2016: 1105 to 1592

In 2006, dollar was weak

top destination: New Zealand

8. Annual heating/cooling hours

Latitude: places at further north uses cooling and places at further south uses heating

9. Speeding Fines

Blacktown’s is high

10. Opal Data

Near field communication technology

the rocks is the most popular area for travel

top stations: city circle stations

ferry: circular quays

train > bus >> ferry

11. Road death

60km/h and 100km/h roads involved more deaths

45% deaths were drivers

around 70% male (numbers of drivers? females are more careful?)

12. Data from Airbnb

(I started to get panic and didn’t listen)

13. Me

(I was super panic after my computer screen shrunk and forgot things that I planned to say… anyway… It’s finished… I’ll just say something that I would like to share here)

When I was trying to add one column of a data set to another data set using “.join”, “.loc” or “=”, some values turned into “nan”, and the order changed. I couldn’t figure out why but I guess it had something to do with the file formats (.csv, .xlsx, .xls) The solution was using “.concat”. It’s not a interesting solution but I think it’s a interesting problem.

14. Mcdonalds Menu

fried chicken pieces have high calories and not good for exercises

15. I’m sorry for being a low quality human but I really had to leave…

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