Lab Book — Week 2 (I’m going loopy!)

Running through exercise1 and having issues resolving the linter error regarding the def expression. I’m currently unable to resolve it, will need to review the week1 and week2 lecture slides to help refresh my memory.

After reviewing the lectures I still couldn’t fix the errors, so I opened up Ben’s youtube video showing his explanation of exercise1. I noticed that my last few linter errors were different than his and the few other people that I asked didn’t have them either.

I then decided to try and re-format the code to be more in line with the PEP8 style guide, at least as far as I can understand the style guide at this point. During this process I managed to fix any mistakes that was showing up in the Linter, success!

Ben, through Slack, has recommended doing the code school and code academy courses before completing exercise3 of week2’s work, will attempt to do this before I do exercise1 as it may help me with my issues there as well.

Completed exercise 1 and 2 and have started exercise 3, I will now try the code school and code academy course before continuing on.

My test for the is-odd and fit-it functions seem to run okay but I’m not sure if they’re displaying correctly, will need to ask someone else what they’re getting.

Stuck on the for loop function, can’t seem to work out how to show ‘*’, as part of a list with 10 instances inside.

Had an issue when trying to run the file for week2, went on the Slack channel and was told to run script, which worked. Then i needed to actually be in the root folder of my repo i. (code1161base/) and run

python week2/

in order to resolve my error. Success!

Had a friend help me through the rest of the exercises. Got through a fair few on my own, just a few syntax errors. Still haven’t completed the Pyrmaid yet as I’m wanting to do that without anyone’s help, will need to do more research. Not looking to get marks for it as it’s now past due date, but I’d like to get it running for myself.