Week 1

So I am really struggling with week 1!!! I feel extremely lost, but ill do my best. I am going to use this lab report to summarize what I think is going on in this class…

We downloaded VM which is like a computer inside my computer? I feel like zoolander saying that. The terminal stuff completely through me. Is this where you can type in any commands and pull anything from your computer???

Medium is where I will be writing my lab posts. Hopefully I am using it correctly? We have to do this every week.

Slack is like Facebook for computer nerds? and I can ask any questions on there. It is also where most of our class info will be given.

Git Hub will be for sharing code and projects we work on in groups? We created our own forked site from Bens

As far as I can tell this is what we use to submit our work for this course.

During the lecture we learnt:


integers — whole numbers

float — real numbers eg can have decimals

Booleans — are true or false — answer to questions

strings — text


cant start with upper case or a number, cant have a space at the start


Allows you to remove parts so you don’t have to think about them again.


Are indexed from 0 and [go in square brackets]

(tupels go in rounded brackets)

{Dictionaries go in curly brackets}

Making decisions use:




In our tutorial class we used a program called trinket where it was an example how typing in instructions makes the turtle perform certain tasks.

https://trinket.io/embed/blocks/31fd734787 this was the K I did.

With our homework I have really struggled in the terminal. I accidentally left a part out of a line I was copying and now I don’t know how to fix that. So Í will keep trying to work it out. I don’t understand the terminal so at this stage I am just copying what Ben tells us to.

I still couldn’t work out my VM as it comes up with errors, so I have moved onto the mugshot.png upload.

I contacted Ben because I still don’t really know what is going on. However he walked me through it and provided me with a link so i could get onto the correct page and I now understand I was replacing a picture file that was already on my profile. By saving it with exactly the same name as the original picture it can simply replace that one. So I found my headshot, resaved the file from a jpg to a png (even these small tasks are learning curves for me) and then went onto the link in my github and uploaded it. I now realize the actual name of the saved headshot was the important thing in doing this exercise.

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