Week 12 in CODE 1161

This week we continued the open data project and I found a problem in my script where, because the original file was a xlsx file my data started on the second column and in the 15th row. We first tried to fix it by using data frame slicing but instead I decided it would be better to make a new document that just had the right data I wanted as it is getting too late and I need to start actually making my graphs.

A major limitation of my data that I just realised after Friday’s lesson is that I only have three columns which limits the amount of graphs I could potentially produce. A way I will attempt to combat this is through relating it to other data that has already been researched to come to a conclusion.

For example:

I decided that I want to make three graphs and those being:

  1. Number of PN’s for each area.
  2. Value of fines for each area.
  3. The number of PN’s to each fine in an area. PN’s/fine (The average value of each fine in an area.

If I have time I also want to make a map but it may be too late.

I want to talk about if the fines in these areas correlate to the population of these areas or for any other reasons.