Week 14: Final presentation + Git pull

I am depressed. The speech went well and so did the presentation. However, the essential graph that displays the energy given off from the collision I forgot to put in the presentation…I almost died.

I think I did die actually.

Regardless, the presentations that are being well presented are insightful and interesting. I particular liked Terry’s pet data explaining the weird names that people give pets. Such as: fLOSS.

Listening to the presentations kinda worries me as everyone seems to have made few but interesting graphs and I used fairly stock standard graphs but am reliant on the calculations. Other note-able presentations were Danielle’s presentation on Global Happiness and Penny’s Global Alcohol consumption. Many questionable comments were made during Penny’s presentation such as the French producing more wine than the Italians…

I pull requested from pennypangCODE’s repo. I altered the variable name in the Week 2 Exercise 2 to Youhavebeenhacked.

pennypangCODE pull requested me and I accepted.

Grazie Mille for the semester!

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