Week 14 — Final Presentations

Proof of a commit I accepted from Terry:

Proof of Will accepting a commit I made:

Today was presentation day. It was interesting to see the data different people had interpreted and the visualisations people made. One stand out for me was the presentation by Danielle — some really visually stunning graphics that clearly convey the data. This was my favourite, even though I don’t fully understand what’s going on (which sort of defeats the purpose, yes):

Out of my own graphs, this one has to be my favourite, because of how it points out the error with the wind recording at Sydney observatory hill’s station so clearly:

The x & y axes represent the coordinates of the station, but the size of the circle represents how predictable the data is— the Sydney observatory hill recorded a wind speed of 0 every day of the year, for over 8 years straight — the entire time period of the dataset.

Here’s a link to my open data project’s code and visualisations if you’d like to see more:


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