Week 2

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been dying — I’m kidding but at the same time, it really does feel terrible when you’re bedridden and unable to move lol

Which sucks because as a result, I’m still lost. I had hoped to attend Week 2’s lecture and tutorial so that I could ask Ben or the other tutors for help, to get my VM working and get up to speed.

By simply going through the lecture slides and notes, I can’t really seem to progress very far as I am unable to follow along through the terminal.
But I’ve learnt a bit about more on how to use GitHub now. Initially I had accidentally been committing changes into the wrong repository.
Hopefully my information is all up to date now and I can eventually publish these weekly lab writeups to the Publication.

What has definitely helped me and made it feel as though I had done or learnt something were the tutorials Ben had linked. From codeschool and codeacademy — they took a bit of time to get through but I believe I’ve learnt some of the things I had missed out on during the lec. and tute. by going through those.

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