Week 2 Blog

Week 2 was a lot more successful than the week 1, as I managed to get my virtual machine running smoothly and my required variables working so I could proceed to work on the exercises for the week and finally start some programming!

In order to complete the exercises we used a text editor called Atom. Using this editor makes productivity and debugging much easier compared to my experience using the python shell for programming, as atom supports many useful plugins that make your programming experience just that little bit more easier. Plugins such as flake8 which picks up any syntax or white spacing errors is extremely helpful as it saves a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong with your code as it picks up simple errors that make all the difference to a program.

Starting the exercises were initially straight forward having completed exercise 1 and 2 during the tutorial lesson. Over the weekend I started exercise 3 which was quite a large bump in difficulty level compared to the first two exercises, however thanks to Ben’s tutorials that were posted on Slack, I managed to complete most of them without any worries. The only issue I had with completing the exercises is that it is quite limiting to how you can program, as you need to satisfy the python tests perfectly in order to pass. Despite this being the only way for our exercises be auto marked, I personally think there should of been a more lenient method of programming theses exercises, especially this early on. Overall, I thought these exercises were a good first challenge and I look forward to completing more of them soon.