Week 3 — Finally catching up with CoDe

This week I’ve provided two previous posts believing that the rest of my CoDe class including Ben my tutor had been able to see my posts. I’ve finally just found out that I had to add the post to the publication as that is what the class is, A PUBLICATION.

And that’s not the only thing I found out I wasn’t doing right…

Basically, when we first began this course, we needed to uploaded a mugshot of our ugly heads in both Github and Slack. First off, I had no idea at the time that we needed to upload a muggy on Slack, so that wasn’t done… Then I was told that we had to use our Virtual Machine in order to upload our photo… WHICH I DIDN’T DO! So evetually I finally got to upload my photo on Slack and Github and this is it! If you don’t know the guy who is next to me you’re living under a cave!

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