Week 4: Guessin’ game

The coding for the guessing game was fairly challenging. I began struggling initially with what the code actually meant in exercise 2 for the guessing game. It was difficult to wrap my head around what the line:

upperBound = int(upperBound)

actually was referring to. My understanding of what this means is the upper bound must be an integer. Simple lines of code like this are critical and are essential for me to understand.

Eventually, with quite a lot of time, I was able to understand what exercise 2 was doing and created my own code for exercise 3’s guessing game which was a large challenge but I got through it eventually.

I just have to remember:

git status

git add

git commit -a -m “Message”

git push


git status

This is something I must emphasise on remembering as it will determine if my marks are evaluated or not, which most of the time, because I forget; its not.

So remember this. ^^^^^

After writing my code for the guessing game I realised my indentation was kinda shocking. So I am going to start reading these tutorials on this website.

Ha nope. I don’t

Keep up to date with these tutorials! ^^

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