review of the Programming Considered as a Human Activity which is written by Edsger W. Dijkstra.

“Divide et impera” which is an ancient language for “Divide and rule” was been mentioned in the article. In the design of programming languages one can let oneself be guided primarily by considering “what the machine can do”. Considering, however, that the programming language is the bridge between the user and the machine — that it can, in fact, be regarded as his tool — it seems just as important to take into consideration “what Man can think”. It is in this vein that we shall continue our investigations. The sentences was quoted from the article. Those was inspired me in the way I am doing for this course which is that “ the programming language is the bridge between the user and the machine”. When we typing the codes into the virtual machine, we were building the bridge to converse to that system what we want to do. In fact, a lot of people which includes me, was thinking that coding is the toughest skills in the computational design area and that is right. But think twice that the machine has no feeling at all and it is going to do what we ask, therefore keeping pushing myself to try the way to fit in is the most important part for me now. Somehow I still feel lost in the class and seeking the help anywhere that I can find to support me.

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