[Week 6] Choosing Data Set

Choosing a data set was fairly difficult for me as I had in mind what topic I was interested in.

I originally wanted to do a data set on social media statistic ie. How many people post about this topic or what is the most common time to post etc. However, typing that into data.gov came up with barely any information.

At the end, I chose to do crime rate in NSW. I found this data set and it was massive. Luckily, it also came in different file format to work with. I found it really easy to work in .csv file.

During mid-semester break I have decided to apply to some coding job especially tutoring kids as education has always been my passion; to pass down knowledge to younger generation. I got a call back from Code Create and they wanted me to prepare a lesson on anything. I was going to do it on one of the python’s exercise but due to late notice, I pulled out and didn’t have time to prepare. I also realized that I would need to catch up on extra work for html as that is what the kids are learning.

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