Week3 CODE1161

I had a massive dilemma last night. What happened was, I had one hole for my USB and I wanted to charge my phone and use the mouth at the same time so I used the USB multiple merge device. After 5 mins, I could see the spark coming out of the hole.

It was not a good sign.

Stupidly, I continued to re-plug the phone charger because the power was not going in. I think I just made it worse and I have come to a conclusion that my USB port was broken. It hadn’t hit me yet and I wasn’t stressed about it until the next morning when it started to feel like the end of the world.

I could no longer use the mouse or even a USB and now I needed a new laptop. Simona and I are probably going shopping for that.

Today in class, I was concentrating so hard on week 2 homework and was left with doing the pyramid until my VM crashed again. Fortunately, I was able to revive my VM back and there was, in the virtual machine again. I was on fire until my VM crashed and I got up to last function of exercise 1.

I then had to tutor my friend how the while loop works. This had really inspired me to really become a coding teacher (if I understand how coding work). It is really something I wish I could do.

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