CODE3100 — Design + Feedback


Again reflecting back to the graph, me and Emily created a new floor plan that follows the logic

3D Model

The 3D model is created with selected boundaries that is then extruded and mesh relaxed through kangaroo.

Without Grid

Roof surface is shaped in a fashion where water will just drip down the 2 sides of the pavilion

With Grid

The primary structure is then introduced to keep the fabric fixed in position

The fabric meshes were then thickened using ‘mesh thicken’ and then sent to Ali for him to put into Unreal because the gaming engine does not read 2D surfaces.

From the simulation, Ali confirmed that many gaps were too small and would probably induce congestion within the pavilion

More Conditions/Feedback:

Harris [Mobile AR]:
- Needs 3–4 plinths within each area
- White board sized surface for intro
- White board sized surface outside pavilion
- 3 people per plinth

- Pavilion needs to be one continuous fabric structure instead of fragments of fabric structure

- Showed in VR, not enough walking space
- Make the pavilion bigger since there is no big open space
- For

Nissie & Dominic [Hololens]:
- One open space 5x5m

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