Week 4 (Part2): Time for a Team Meeting

Time for a Team Meeting

Over the past 3 weeks the group has been disorganised and felt disjointed from one another. There was not much cohesion or communication happening between groups and this was a huge issue. Come week 5 the return brief is to be presented and we must, as a group, create a cohesive pavilion idea with dynamic elements, such as VR and AR, that create extra layers of interest.

A meeting was called on Thursday to hash out any issues, questions and ideas that people had. Not everyone turned up, but at least one person from each group did. We discussed the new idea of exploring the stages of stress and stress reaction rather than trying to relieve stress as the original idea tried to achieve. People felt the original ideas was too restricting and limited their creativity.

The new brief would be based on exploring the 5 stages of stress reaction and implementing it into the design and execution of the pavilion. In terms of the HoloLens, it would be utilised in the stages 2–4 which are stages that are about decision making. This idea can be used to create a decision making scenario for the user in the HoloLens environment. This new brief is also a lot more conceptual than the original, so the creativity and research for this new narrative will have to be very thorough and beneficial to the project.

Group 5 will now be teaming up with Group 6 to create one HoloLens scene and one Mobile AR application. We thought that having 2 of each was too much for the user and would be too disjointed to have to switch between all applications.

Clean version of team meeting notes