Fabric with Ribbing

For today’s experimentation, I wanted to start prototyping the fabrics with wires to show how the pavilion will look like when ‘ribbings’ are added.Since the design of the concept is to have a secondary structure which supports the fabric, I think that it is important to see how the ribbings will work with the fabric.

Circular Fabric with Wires

Just like the experiments I did before, I will be using nylon spandex and cotton lycra as the materials to be tested. For the first experiment, I started off with the cotton lycra to get a simple experimentation. For this experiment, I chose to test the fabric in different shapes: one triangle and the other, circular. Afterwards, I started connecting them with wires to see its form with ribbings.

Triangular Fabric with Wires

For the second experiment, I tested with the nylon spandex to see how implementation of various numbers of wires and ways of arranging the wires can affect the form of the fabric. Unlike the first experiment, which uses super glue to attach the wires, I got a suggestion from Kingsley to weave the wires to the fabric instead. Some of the fabrics are given a grid-like structure ribbings whereas the others are given a cross structure ribbings. The result of the experimentation is shown below.

Results of the Experimentation

Through the experimentation, I observe that with multiple weaving, the result of the form or structure is neater than the ones with only triple weaving Furthermore, the more wires used, the easier it is to create a more defined form.

Failed model

Finally, after testing the connection between wires and fabric in structuring the forms, I decided to make a 1:50 scale model of Emily and Catherine’s pavilion design. However, it failed miserably as it is quite difficult for me to construct.

As a result, for the next experiment,I decided to try to make another model of it using a larger scale; possibly a 1:20 scale model.

Bottom side of model


From the experimentation, I found that having more points connecting the fabric to the structure can produce a better form for the pavilion and possibly with grid- like ribbings, the structure of the fabric can be more stable.

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