HoloLens: A New Direction

Over the past week, after conferring with Suleiman and each other, we’ve decided to change our direction. So far we’ve focused on creating a literal representation of the chain reaction of neurological and physiological events that follow a stressful experience. This has been rather limiting. So we’ve decided we’d like to use our HoloLens application to explore whether visual and auditory stimuli can reduce an individual’s stress levels within a physical space.

The Polar H7 heart-rate monitor (left) and the Philips Emotiv Insight brain-wave monitor (right).

To do this we’re planning on creating a holographic experience that leads the user on a self-directed relaxation journey. The user will also be wearing sensors to monitor their heart-rate and brain-waves, and potentially other physiological sensors, which will provide a stream of data that will indicate whether they’re stress levels are lower at the conclusion of the experience. There may also be a subjective experience survey before and after the experience where users will indicate how stressed or anxious they feel.