IoT Updates

Streamlined process of web to arduino

Justin showed how to create the process of web to arduino, using Particle Desktop IDE (Dev).

Particle Desktop IDE (Dev) - Particle is a scalable, reliable and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their connected solutions.

LED strip hardware fault identified

After several software troubleshooting attempts to get a three pin LED strip to work, Justin was able to confirm that it was a hardware issue — the wiring needs to be re-soldered. A somewhat relieving result.

LED strip cover research

Our intention for the LED strips is to have them react in time with the AR team’s animations, to complement their content. The LEDs will be placed around the base of the pavilion’s dome sections, to reflect up the walls. This week we began the process of looking for a suitable cover to focus the light up the walls, instead of out towards the centre. A cover will also hide any wiring, making the pavilion look neater. Potential examples can be seen below. Australian seller Lights2You sells similar aluminium profiles for $40 per metre. Examples can be found on ebay for around $15 per metre.

LED Strip Cover
Section of LED Strip Cover
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