Just an idea | Pavilion Design

After taking part in the group meeting on Friday (hooray for collaboration), the group decided on the direction of the pavilion in terms of narrative and activities within the space. It was now up to the “design groups” (groups 1, 2 & 3) to create designs that could facilitate the activities within. After a bit of yelling at each other and writing stuff on a white board for a few hours, we worked out what each group needed from the pavilion, which helped the making groups find a direction and create their own design iterations. I wanted to quickly share some iteration I created.

the large opening is for the section 5

This design was created by creating a hemisphere which is then bent, mirrored and panelised. I stumbled upon this form by just playing around on grasshopper and it ended up looking brain-like in terms of form. I felt like this design facilitated the requirements of stages 3, 4 and 5 with the split and the open space but not so much stage 1 and 2 which was meant to hold an AR experience where users were meant to identify stress.

group 3 on a sunday evening

My group had another meet-up on Sunday afternoon to work on the presentation for Monday. during this time I quickly made a different iteration that used rectangular blocks that dictated the interior spaces. These blocks are then overlaid with panels or a skin to shelter the users of the pavilion

A bit of a run around of an iteration
it’s a bit big…
Thoughts and ideas on a page
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