Pavilion: Assigning Structural Frame

First of all i need to understand the grasshopper script and how the pavilion is formed in order for me to bring out the most important aspect to recreate it and assign a structural member in Revit to achieve the same result. The aim of this is to structural assign structural members in Revit to get the overall structural cost and also to assign each members to a specific assembly code for further documentation.

The image above is the structural form in grasshopper.

There are 3 main parts that i need to grab are the horizontal, vertical and Diagonal bracing from grasshopper. The image above illustrates debreping the panels and deleting any duplicates lines before sending to FLUX and dynamo.

Sending the 3 main elements to Flux.

next step is to get the data from flux to dynamo. These grid will be the reference line for the structural members.

Next Step is to assign the structural Frame types on each FLUX grid curve.

As a result i was able to generate the Revit structural Frame along the curve to be further document such as the cost, cut length, cut length per cost and assembly code attach to each structural members.

My next task is to assign an assembly code to each individual members with a specific code type and number to it.