Pavilion Form Finding in Grasshopper

During the development sessions on the 4th and 5th of May several of us worked on creating a defined, parametric script for the pavilion’s overall form. Nissie began scripting the first few form iterations on the 4th as I was absent that day and I picked up where she left off on the 5th. You can read more about her efforts here.

Refining the design

The pavilion form after the first development session

I sought feedback from the group as to what they thought could be improved with the overall form. Several people suggested that the guiding pavilion walls should fold over at the top, providing a more enclosed interior space.

The first iteration of the pavilion form

The first feedback I received as that there needed to be more variation in heights of the enclosing walls.

The second iteration

Again, seeking feedback from the class, many people said that the overall form felt disjointed and suggested creating a more fluid, homogeneous form.

The third pavilion iteration, unfinished

This fluid form was met with a positive reception from the class, so I developed it further over the weekend. I refined the guiding curves and added in the second dome-like enclosure and the intro wall, which were essential to the virtual environment groups’ design additions.

The third iteration, finished

The iteration above is what the group presented at the Monday review session. After receiving feedback from several of the coaches we decided we needed to adjust the layout slightly, and redo the script to have a finer control over the various curves. I sketched up a rough floor-plan, which was used as a basis for the fourth pavilion iteration and realised by Nissie.

The initial floor-plan and the current form, as scripted by Nissie