Sound types and uses in UE4

.wav file

Raw sound- in the form of .wav files

These are imported into the engine, they can be placed directly into the scene

Changing Attenuation

Sound Cue

To modify or compile raw sound inside the engine sound cues are used. To create the light flickering noise, three raw buzz noises were imported and placed in the same sound cue. Within the sound cue, each buzz has a modifier node attached which changes the pitch of the sound slightly, this is used to create more variety in the sounds available. Then all three are then connected to a random node which chooses one of the three randomly, the weights each sound has can be edited. There is then a delay and a loop so that the sounds coming out of the output are the buzz noises x amount of times with a variation of delays between them. Similar process is repeated for torch clicks.

Sound Cue for lights buzzing noise

Sound Class and Sound Mix

left sound class, right sound mix

Sound Class is used to group sounds for example, all the sounds used for the calm ambient sounds i.e; birds, wind and people talking. So they can be edited as a group rather than having to click on all the instances of the sounds spread around the scene and editing each one individually. The volume of all can be changed at the same time. This sound class was then referenced in a sound mix to turn the volume of these sounds off for when the lights shut down.

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