The VR Experience: Stage 1&2

Stage 1

The start of the experience begins in the pavilion, putting the user in a familiar space and introducing them to the virtual space. This is where the on-boarding happens, teaching the user to teleport, pick up objects (torch), and turn it on. In addition, there is atmospheric audio which includes people walking around, a cafe, birds and general chatter. This is essential in creating an immersive experience as it fills out the space and causes the user to forget they’re in VR.

Stage 1: on-boarding

Stage 2

After a certain amount of time (30s–90s) everything fades to black and the user is teleported to stage 2 — a night time version of the pavilion with a mystery themed soundtrack playing in the background. Dynamic lights and an interactive button are introduced in this stage. The purpose of this stage is to engage and intrigue the user to advance through the encompassing environment that surrounds them.

Sequential Light Activation
Button Pressed Event
Night time pavilion with button and lights

Once they press the button, all lights start turning off and the screen fades to black, leading into Stage 3.