The VR Experience: Stage 4&5

This is the final part of the experience. Video of all stages is at the bottom of the post.

Stage 4

This environment is completely new and is set in mid-air using floating platforms and islands. The following are the new features added in this stage:

  • High amounts of animation and overlap events.
  • Environmental biomes that was inspired by research into stress and how certain environments can bring relief to people. We used a forest > snow > beach biome (designed by Jason) for this stage.
  • Using more particle systems that related to nature e.g. waterfall, fire, snow. This shows how UE4 can be utilized to create different immersive environments.
  • New interactable objects and triggers.
  • Dynamic material instances.
Floating Platforms
Forest Biome
First Interaction
Forest Interaction Script

Once the user places the cube inside the box, the box starts blinking/glowing green and a waterfall starts.

Snow Biome
Interactive Slider
Slider Interaction

This slider allows the user to slow down the wind and start a fire particle system.

Beach Biome

Once the user goes through all the biomes, they enter a similar structure to that of Stage 3. Each arc starts turning white and the camera starts fading to white and the user is teleported back to stage 1.

Surrounding Starts Fading to White
Back to Stage 1

Video of VR Experience