Day 29 [27/03/17]: Guest Lecture by Dr Dagmar Reinhardt discussing the collaboration between architecture, engineering, acoustic design and robotic fabrication

Week 05

CODE3100 Design Studio — Building Information Modelling

Day 29: MON 27 MAR 2017 — Day 36: SUN 02 APR 2017

After today’s formal presentations, I believe we — as the BIM group, have realised the importance of what we’ll need to contribute within the next few weeks. Our position to undertake every group’s contribution on modelling/design solutions as well as documenting from the overall picture to the tiniest of details, means that we should be focusing not only on the workflow between design and production, but also the areas we aim to focus on as individuals.

From here, we can dive into looking at possible outlooks of specialties that when combined can really make the group much stronger and intelligent than when everyone focuses on the same tools/plugins and therefore knowledge that is normally generalised.

We should push for something greater — to achieve what’s never really been done before and see where it takes us. That’s the power of creating — to make something new, exciting and who knows, worth pursuing in the future.

A talk by two guys from Arup: Shawnee and Xavier have given me so many ideas on how to pursue BIM as a way to solve problems within the design and construction industry. Even though their projects aren’t necessarily pavilion designs, their overall presentation brought these points into mind:

  • Image of the resulting solution
  • Step by Step visual process on how the workflow worked and why certain steps were chosen
  • Always referring back to context (site model) when documenting and resolving the design problem
  • Expresses the challenges and initiate solutions
  • Create questions for themselves to answer
  • Input > Action > Output
  • Software decision making

This presentation by the guests from Arup really opened up my eyes to the possibilities that we (as the BIM group) can start to develop our own storytelling skills and the areas we aim to look into as individuals.