WEEK 9: Incompatibility Issues

05/05/17 — Individual Exploration

What we wanted to achieve

To connect Vr’s group to Flux, we wanted to look into creating a workflow between Grasshopper and 3Ds Max via Flux. This was important as right now there are various small changes occurring to the final model. This workflow would ensure that these changes are instantly sent through to the Vr team without delay.

Grasshopper > Flux > 3ds Max 2017

During the process of developing a workflow between Grasshopper, Flux and 3ds Max. All was well until I tried to download the Flux app for 3ds Max. After multiple times of reinstalling the software, 3ds Max 2017 was not recognising the Flux app. I saw later that the Flux app has a system requirement of “3ds Max 64-bit 2016”. I think that this is the reason to it not being available in my version of 3ds Max 2017.

It was disappointing to find out that 3ds Max 2017 is not yet supported and the plugin is still in beta testing phase.

However… there is an alternative if the workflow was to be used in our project, we would have to use 3ds Max 2016 with the Flux for 3ds Max app.


First, the models previously sent to Flux in the form of keys must be retrieved using a simple script, as shown below. User can select the project, and an updated list of keys (models) available. Models can be easily swapped between using the “select from list” component in the Flux tab.

Filtering through iterations retrieved via Flux
Standard Flux to Grasshopper script


When in 3ds Max, using the Flux tab you will be able to login and receive files normally as you do on other programs.

This could be something to consider using to improve the transferring of files between design groups and VR.