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What are the most annoying wordle words?


Still playing wordle? If you are then you know the hardest words aren’t the obscure ones full of X’s and Z’s. The hardest words are the ones where getting the final letter comes down to sheer luck. You have only 4–5 guesses remaining but you know there are too many options out there! In the screenshot above I’d have been in trouble if the word was HOUND not FOUND.

So … how many words are like this? And what are the worst ones. Well after finding the full list of all possible answers online the answer was only about 20 lines of JavaScript away:

Running this code prints a list of all the most annoying patterns like “_OUND” that have 5 or more options:

Well I wasn’t wrong to be annoyed by FOUND … there were 8 possible words ending in OUND and I only had 5 guesses to get there. But hey, at least the word wasn’t FIGHT!

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