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Microservices Architecture at Spotify

Gonzalo P.
Jul 25, 2016 · 2 min read

Interesting video where Kevin Goldsmith (CTO, Spotify) explains in a general way, how the architecture of Spotify has changed in time in order to escalate. It helps to know how the applications we use on a daily basis work, making us to re-think how we are developing sofware and to start applying new design patterns that are fully tested.

Spotify works with a Microservice architecture, where all software developers code in a closed “territory” with his specific functionalities. Each Microservice have only one simple responsability and in most cases they have a private database with his own logic that cannot be intervened by another process. This gives to the application the ability to escalate quickly, deploying different services in different machines with personalised perfomance depending in the demand of each service.

Suddenly you need to change the logic of some specific feature? No problem! you will just need to modify the specific service that implements the feature, test it and deploy it. Now you will have a new logic that will work with all the others platforms applications that are consuming the service. No need to deploy the entire application, and the best of all, others developers will not be affected by this modification.

But remember, all the services must be small and lightweight. Divide and conquer!


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