Great projects begin with a cool kickoff email

Balram Khichar
Sep 20, 2016 · 3 min read

A great kickoff email helps every team member understand the goals of a project on day one. Here are some of the tips to for writing a successful kickoff email-

1. It must involve everyone

The best way to announce the kickoff of a project is by sending a group email that includes every member involved in project.

2. Start email subject off with “Kickoff”

It sounds pretty obvious, but starting the email subject off with “Kickoff” sets the tone right from the start.

Complete the subject with a concise summary of what’s inside.

3. Define the project goals clearly

Documenting the project goals right from the start will ensure every team member begins the project on the same page.

It’s tempting, but make sure you don’t list too many goals. Just list out the key goals. The more focused, the easier they’ll be to achieve.

4. Outline the first week priorities

It’s good to plan out the first week priorities for quickly starting on project without wasting time.

5. Roles

You should introduce each person with their name and role in current project.

6. Important links

List down the important links like project management tool, feedback form, API documentation etc.

7. Attach important files and assets

It’s always helpful to include the original proposal, specifications, or other important files that will be necessary to kick off the project.

8. Let’s do it

At the end just say something awesome to team. For example:

We have talked a lot about the project and its features for months. It’s finally time to deliver. Let’s make our company proud and client happy by delivering a robust product. We know what to do — now let’s make it happen!


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