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4 Remote development tools you should try out in 2022

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Imagine working on your projects, without being tied to a single computer or a single place, without installing anything, directly from your browser. How awesome would that be?

The following tools provide you with the same experience. Check these out now.


GitPod will let you run your complete project codebase on a remote server that you can access directly from your browser or from VS Code.

GitPod works well with Github, BitBucket, GitLab etc and will quickly spin up environments with all the dependencies installed based on your project.

Google Colab

Working on Jupyter notebooks is probably your daily routine if you are a Data Scientist or a Machine learning engineer. As you might already be aware, training those models on big datasets can take a lot of time, especially if you have a low-end computer.

Colab will help you run your notebooks in the cloud, that too free of cost. It also provides easy integrations with google drive and GitHub for storing your code, which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

There are several other players in this field, along with paid options from major cloud providers that can give you huge computing power.


Docker and Kubernetes are becoming mainstream technologies with each passing day. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard these names at least once in your IT career.

This is not exactly a development tool, but it's a great learning platform. Katacode provides you easy access to learn Docker and Kubernetes directly from your browser without the need of a beefy computer or any installation overhead.

It’s not limited to docker and Kubernetes, but a lot of other things to learn as well, so do check it out.

GitHub codespaces

This is similar to GitPod but comes directly with Github. The only catch is, it’s not free for everyone. It provides very high limits in terms of computing power and memory.

If you are looking to buy something like this for a team, this can be a good option.

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