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Top 3 Casts of the Week #5

Another Friday is upon us, and it’s been another fantastic week here at CodeCast. This week, we’re featuring some really good stuff so without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

OOP with TypeScript: Constructor Functions by @shahzaibkamal

‍Constructor functions are an important skill to learn in TypeScript and this is one of two Casts that Shahzaib has made covering the topic!

CSS Injection by @jesusvilla

Cybersecurity has become an incredibly important topic and a skill all developers should have in at least the most basic form. In this Cast, Jesus goes over injection in CSS and the vulnerabilities it can cause

Recipe App: Click Event by ‍@kauress

Jannat continues her Spoonacular API Series on building a recipe App, and in this installment, she goes over working with click events.

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