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Top 3 Coding Tutorials of the Week

TGIF! 🙌🏻

Every Friday at CodeCast we give love to our Top 3 Casts of the week. We’re always so excited to review the content by our incredible creators. This week, we’re featuring Casts on Cyber Security, JavaScript, and Phoenix! So let’s dive into it.

Intro to Phoenix: Ecto — Migrations and Schemas Basics by @tam

Tam is the founder of CodeCast and a lover of the Elixir language. We use Elixir and the Phoenix framework extensively in CodeCast. Tam has previously created a 7-hour introductory course on Elixir and is now currently working on a course for Phoenix. This Cast is one of the videos that will be included in the Series, and it’s a great introduction to working with migrations.

Stored XSS using SVG by @jesusvilla

Jesus is a security engineer and is passionate about showcasing weak spots and flaws so you can write stronger, more secure code. This Cast focuses on using SVGs (or as he calls them “Something” Vector Graphics 😆) to run some simple JS code, and how these can be used in XXS attacks. He shows you how to prevent this in your SVGs!

Spread Operator in JavaScript by @kauress

Any fan of JavaScript knows how amazing the spread operator can be. Jannat goes over varying use-cases of the ... operator in this Cast so you can become an even better JS dev!

Want even more videos on JavaScript? We have over 120 video tutorials on JavaScript, ranging from specific topics to a course on building out entire applications like a trivia game!




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